Ironing is our Moonshot

Why we Iron in Public.


Why do we iron, for free, in public?  


A simple question, as befits a simple task — ironing, which is variously defined as a domestic chore, or a low-level commercial service.


We believe  both these definitions are archaic and limiting.


Rather, we believe Ironing should be re-classified as a  “public benefit.”


The true meaning of ironing is revealed only when it is re-defined thus, freeing it from a prison of convention wrongly inherited.


Just as a Barn Raising elevates and socializes the toil of building a building, so it should be with ironing. In re-defining it, we bring forth a new model of social engagement, given freely by collective effort, providing a clear-eyed and appreciable service, beautifying and sensually easing the walks of life we all inhabit together, and thus creating a tangible, elevating, socializing value that has gone heretofore underappreciated.


This is because ironing other people’s clothes for free compounds multiple meanings of service; of humility; of intimacy with another person’s wardrobe, that together connect to the deepest strains of the human experience. From our first clean diaper to final death shroud, we spend life swathed in the rude topography of prepared cloth. Smoothing this cloth is smoothing the fabric of life itself.


For life is rough and tortured. Life is a rumpled suit.


But shall we smooth that suit together; shall we press on freely, shall we serve our fellow beings the small pleasure of a moment’s grace, and so might we heal the world just a bit..

It is for this reason that we iron, in public, for free, forever: To solve one of life’s pressing problems.